The Rewards of Persistence part 3 of 4

After the failed animation attempt, I wanted to try my hand at putting together a comic. I planned out a 25-30 page comic as an Independent Study class and worked to get 5 pages completed by the end of the term.

I broke down my writing into pages and then further down into sections. After that I worked on recreating the clones and removed more possibilities of differences by making them bald. I tried adding a character, a cyborg modeled after the clones that The Governance system would control.

The sketches below show this progress. I illustrated the same end scene as in the animation and really liked the results a lot more. I worked with changing up the composition and I felt that I was getting closer to where I wanted to be but I wasn’t quite there.

It was back to the drawing board.

Dystopian-comic-illustration-1-lauren-crest Dystopian-comic-illustration-2-lauren-crest Dystopian-comic-illustration-3-lauren-crest Dystopian-comic-illustrations-4-Lauren-Crest