The Rewards of Persistence part 2 of 4

After planning out the story I was at a bit of a roadblock. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to create an animated short or if I wanted to create a comic. Both had their pros and both were completely new to me. Either way, I knew I would need a storyboard so I decided to start there. I roughly mapped out the story and worked to lay out the images that I had pictured.

 After getting the main scenes were all mapped out, I had a decision to make. As I worked to lay out the images I saw them mostly as moving images. I made a brave decision to try my hand at animation. I read a few articles and jumped in feet first. Over the course of 4 weekends and with over 90 layers, I decided to animate a middle scene and the scene at the very end. You can see this animation below.

23 was the clone number that I had chosen for this animation.

EDIT: This .GIF can now be found at

The animation is rough and needs help with timing and smoothness but it showed me what I did and didn’t want with my story. While this approach didn’t tell the story the way I had hoped for, I learned a lot of things throughout this process. I learned that I didn’t love doing animation and I learned that going the route of comics would be the better choice. More importantly, I  got out of my comfort zone and worked to learn a new skill. I was a bit disappointed at this not working out but I was pleased at my progress thus far.