Business Cards!

I’ve been meaning to redo my business cards for over a year now and have continued to procrastinate this project for far too long. When I started, I had a rough thumbnail sketch of how I pictured how they’d turn out. I worked and worked to try to make the sketch a reality but I found that it didn’t work as planned. After some brain storming for some new ideas I came up with the following card designs. I tossed a few color and art concepts but couldn’t narrow it down past 4. Which one is your favorite? Read more

Consistent Learning

I remember thinking, a few months before I graduated, that I’d continue to read and learn about art and my trade. I wanted to be sure that I continued to grow even after leaving the academic setting. I can honestly say that post-graduation I have been learning and growing in ways I couldn’t have imagined and in directions I hadn’t previously thought about. Read more

Portfolio Items