A Study in Longing

I recently set up a project group, Menageric Expressions, as a way to work with other artists on a large scale collaboration. Each project under Menageric Expressions will be worked on with a new set of artists (15-25 in total) who I will be collaborating with on a one on one basis. The end result of each project will be 15-25 finished, limited edition prints. The first edition of prints from this group will premiere with the project “A Study in Longing” in the Fall of 2015.

The objective for the first project is for each artist to work to: explore and expose the raw feelings of longing; to give breath to that which stays hidden but ever present. So far I’m set up to work with graphic designers, illustrators, painters, photographers, and writers for this project. Working with each individual has been a fantastic and unique experience thus far. As of now, most of the pieces for this project are still in the brainstorming category but a handful have already been started and one has been completed. I’m very excited about this project and can’t wait to give more updates on it as it progresses! Keep an eye on my blog for updates as we get closer to our goal!

For more information on this project or for information on how to be involved in this or future projects, contact me directly at

Update (4-18-2016): With over 20 artists selected to participate in this project, only a handful submitted their pieces on time. As deadlines passed and the show that I had set up for this project didn’t happen due to lack of artwork, I took a  few months to debate about the future of this project. As less than half of the group who agreed to work on this project has submitted work I felt that it would be best to let the project go.

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