Inspirational Artist: Lenka Simeckova

Lenka Simeckova is an artist I discovered when I was most frustrated with my style. I knew I was missing something but wasn’t sure what it was. As I was surfing through Facebook I found her page and immediately fell in love with her work and regained a passion for creating art once more. 

Featuring darker tones, her work includes long limbed and multi eyed women, witches, and occult symbolism that brings magic and darkness to life. Her illustrations have a very tight and limited color scheme that effectively set the mood and theme for each of her comics. These color schemes add to her already phenomenal illustrations and add a richness that isn’t often seen in modern art.

I’m most impressed with how well she has been able to frame each panel in her comics, allowing her pictures to tell the story instead of relying on words to push the narrative along. She is definitely a master of her craft and superb at utilizing her illustrations to add suspense to her comics. Check out my favorite comic of hers and some additional (random) pieces below.12063666_884481138313691_1835640828050211713_n12193768_884481141647024_2871203414750746107_n12065786_884481151647023_5098908262075604288_n12190785_884481224980349_5363171772466604954_n


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