Salt Lake City Comic Con 2015!

I’m pleased to announce that I will be attending Salt Lake City Comic Con this year. The convention is open from September 24th- September 26 so mark it down on your calendars. I’ll be at my own booth selling some of my old prints, I’ll be premiering a bunch of new prints, and I will […]

A Study in Longing

I recently set up a project group, Menageric Expressions, as a way to work with other artists on a large scale collaboration. Each project under Menageric Expressions will be worked on with a new set of artists (15-25 in total) who I will be collaborating with on a one on one basis. The end result of […]

Consistent Learning

I remember thinking, a few months before I graduated, that I’d continue to read and learn about art and my trade. I wanted to be sure that I continued to grow even after leaving the academic setting. I can honestly say that post-graduation I have been learning and growing in ways I couldn’t have imagined and in directions […]

Life Choices

Choosing to pursue art was not an easy decision. I initially moved out to Utah to peruse a degree in nursing. I was passionate about learning and was reading anything I could get my hands on in relation to the field of medicine. In freshman year I could often be caught spouting out randomly generated medical facts, […]

On Critique and Praise

I’ve always been a fan of Ray Bradbury. He is one of my top 20, maybe even top 10, authors (and considering my “to read” list is over 200 books long, that is high praise). He has provided a lot of brilliant information and insight to the world. This quote in particular stuck with me. […]

Lessons on Failure

I use to be petrified of failure. So much so that when choices would come up I would refuse to make a move. I would just sit, waiting for a choice to be forced on me so that I wouldn’t make the wrong choice or choose an “OK” option while surpassing the better choice. Learning to […]

Embracing Limitations

“The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.” ~Orson Welles I found Phil Hansen’s website at during high school. His art was inspirational, creative, and pushed the limits. It never failed to amaze me with its weekly updates of completely new and mind blowing projects.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

People who know me in real life are often thrown off when they see my art for the first time. In real life I’m (generally) a positive and happy person. I often talk about unicorns and rainbows, though usually sarcastically, and my cat (seriously though, Regina is fantastic). I watch a lot of Sci Fi and […]

The Rewards of Persistence part 4 of 4

I finally contacted a writer friend, Reggie Carlisle, to help me format this story. I knew what I wanted to say and where the story was going but I wasn’t sure how to illustrate the middle sections of it and knew that he could help with this. He, being a big fan of flash fiction, believed […]

The Rewards of Persistence part 3 of 4

After the failed animation attempt, I wanted to try my hand at putting together a comic. I planned out a 25-30 page comic as an Independent Study class and worked to get 5 pages completed by the end of the term. I broke down my writing into pages and then further down into sections. After […]