About 9 Sirens Creative

9 Sirens Creative was initially inspired by The Nine that appeared to Lauren shortly after her return to Virginia. It started slowly with number 2’s introduction while Lauren was working. Quickly, and quite forcefully, 3 made her presence known and demanded to be the first drawn. Lauren asked if any more were around once 2 and 3 had been drawn and 1 came. After that, the rest of The Nine slowly began to arrive. These women came with their own stories and personalities, all of which will be revealed in time. The companionship of these ladies and their inspiration lead to the fitting name, 9 Sirens, for this creative endeavor.

About the Artist

Lauren Walke creates work inspired by the creatures and aspects that visit her. She captures the stories shared with her from these visitations and turns them into pieces that radiate with a life and tangible presence of their own, allowing both the visitors and their stories to exist more fully for others to experience. Her work is created to breathe on its own, to tell its story boldly and force the viewer to be a witness to the unexpected and fantastical. Lauren’s work is amplified and enhanced by her daily rituals of seeking for moments of magic in her life with her family, by her focus on finding true balance within her sphere of control, her unending consumption of books and music, and by tending the shrines of tiny treasures and plants around her house.

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2 Dimensional Studies at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. When she isn’t working on illustration and story projects she can usually be found outside with her children and cat either looking for bees, bones, or other wild treasures to add to her magpie collection.

About the Work

Lauren works to provide artistic direction and visually illustrate creative stories, ideas, and concepts; making it possible for creative visions to be experienced, explored, and enjoyed more deeply by viewers. With each piece of art, she works to further enhance and bring to life the creative vision initially presented by clients. Her goal is to cause the viewer to, for a moment, forget about reality and instead believe in what is presented before them.

With years of experience working with a wide range of artistic mediums, Lauren is able to meet many visual and technical requirements necessary to enhance the collective workflow and complete projects quickly and efficiently. Lauren favors the traditional mediums of pencil and watercolor. With the use of these mediums, she is able to translate complex, abstract, or personal artistic visions of a client; without losing the recognizable visual signature of her work.

Social Media:

Facebook: New work, news & events, connect
Instagram: Work in progress, slice of life
Pinterest: A magpie collection of images that inspire me

Selected Shows:

2021 – Certain Women Art Show, Salt Lake City, Utah
2020 – Breathe: Protections, Paradigms, Pandemic, Shenandoah Valley Art Center, Waynesboro, Virginia
2018 – Handed Down and Altered, The Mormon Arts Festival at Columbia University, New York, New York
2018 – The Kitchen Sink, Delurk Gallery, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
2015 – Salt Lake Gallery Stroll Solo Show, Underbelly Creative, Salt Lake City, Utah
2015 – Salt Lake Gallery Stroll Group Show, Underbelly Creative, Salt Lake City, Utah
2013 – BFA Thesis Exhibition, Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery, Ogden, Utah
2013 – BFA Seminar Exhibition, Department Of Visual Arts Lobby, Ogden, Utah
2013 – Opening Exhibition, Pandemonium Art Gallery, Ogden, Utah
2013 – Student Exhibition, Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery, Ogden, Utah

Published Work:

2021 –  Young Ravens Literary Review, Issue 15, Winter 2021
2021 – Exponent II, Vol 41 No. 2
2021 – The Dialogue Journal Sunday School, August 22, 2021
2021 – Artemis Journal, Vol XXVIII
2021 – Exponent II, Vol 40 No. 3
2021 – Hexen’s Wane
2020 – Young Ravens Literary Review, Issue 13, Winter 2020
2020 – Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit by Molly Meador
2019 – Hexen’s Binding
2018 – Exponent II, Vol 38 No. 1
2018 – Hexen’s Cross
2014 – Freddie the Penguin
2013 – Mixitini Matrix, Volume 3 Issue 1


2013 – Juror Award, Disappearing Series (1,2, and 4)

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