Goals for this Week

This week I’m going to focus on finding my art style again. Over the last few months I’ve begun to realize that I’ve gotten a bit scattershot with my work and because of that I’ve not had as much growth as I’d like to as an artist.

This week I plan on placing all my focus on my illustrative style. I plan on testing it, pushing it, and improving it. I will be working on pieces with a more limited color palate, improving motion in my illustrations, working to make my compositions more dynamic, and creating a professional quality final image.

I’ve found that working on too many projects in too short of a time has caused all of them to suffer so this week is the week that that turns around. Keep an eye out on my social media sites as I’ll be posting a few updates on how my work is progressing. I’ll also have a blog post next week that shows the final pieces that I come up with this week.

Wish me luck!