Defense Against the Dark Arts

People who know me in real life are often thrown off when they see my art for the first time. In real life I’m (generally) a positive and happy person. I often talk about unicorns and rainbows, though usually sarcastically, and my cat (seriously though, Regina is fantastic). I watch a lot of Sci Fi and am generally seen as a mixture of bubbly and geeky. My art rarely reflect this.

Words used to describe my art in the past have consisted of words such as “dark,” “creepy,” “weird,” or (my favorite) “demented.” Nicer descriptions are almost always limited to the use of a single word: “interesting.” This apparent clash of personality vs art has lead to a lot of conversations about my artwork, specifically why I make dark art.  Read more

The Rewards of Persistence part 4 of 4

I finally contacted a writer friend, Reggie Carlisle, to help me format this story. I knew what I wanted to say and where the story was going but I wasn’t sure how to illustrate the middle sections of it and knew that he could help with this.

He, being a big fan of flash fiction, believed that we could more effectively tell my story in a more condensed format. Read more

The Rewards of Persistence part 3 of 4

After the failed animation attempt, I wanted to try my hand at putting together a comic. I planned out a 25-30 page comic as an Independent Study class and worked to get 5 pages completed by the end of the term.

I broke down my writing into pages and then further down into sections. After that I worked on recreating the clones and removed more possibilities of differences by making them bald. I tried adding a character, a cyborg modeled after the clones that The Governance system would control.

The sketches below show this progress. Read more

The Rewards of Persistence part 2 of 4

After planning out the story I was at a bit of a roadblock. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to create an animated short or if I wanted to create a comic. Both had their pros and both were completely new to me. Either way, I knew I would need a storyboard so I decided to start there. I roughly mapped out the story and worked to lay out the images that I had pictured.

Read more